The Ghosts of Summer Halloween Convention is led by a small group of friends with combined histories of work in theatre, music, visual arts, event producing, and teaching. We began this project out of love for the Halloween-season’s celebrations in the Portland area and a desire to bring all creators, patrons, and enthusiasts under one roof. We are inspired by the success of a multitude of similarly focused conventions across the US as well as the impact and support of community driven, local markets that promote and connect large audiences with local businesses.
Lilo Alfaro - Executive Director
Lilo Alfaro (she/they) is an organizational development & culture consultant, event producer, AEA stage manager, and co-director of the Ghosts of Summer Halloween Convention in Portland, OR.  Lilo enjoys challenging puzzles and asking "why" with the tenacity of a toddler who has just learned the word. In their spare time, she sings and dances for no one in particular, plays an 11-year-old half-orc in a running D&D campaign, and opens their home to a community of friends with partner/composer/music director/vocal coach, Matthew Capurro. 
Matthew Capurro - Program Director
Matthew is a Portland based composer and board game designer.  At the age of 11, he was told he was too old to trick-or-treat anymore.  That year he set up a display on his parents' porch and sat out all night to spook the neighborhood trick-or-treaters.  It seems he never could get too old for Halloween.  Nowadays he hosts an annual Halloween party with ever changing themes and builds mini-haunts on his front lawn.
TikTok: @matthewcmusic | Youtube |​​​​​​​
Hannah Complin - Art Director
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